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Thea Bowman Academy

Gary, Indiana

Large scale project, small scale timelines.

Thea Bowman Academy


Gary, Indiana

Square Footage: 58,520 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 55

Key Achievements:

- Exterior covering: split-face block masonry.
- Solid floor structure composed of a cementitious sub-floor cast on a welded steel deck.



Conservation +Efficiency

The Thea Bowman Leadership Academy was founded on the belief that “educated citizens emerge as the true leaders of a community.” The school offers a full curriculum for all grade levels and is based in Gary, Indiana. Enrollment growth and long waiting lists necessitated the school’s curriculum to expand from K-8 to a full K-12 program. The new building would need to serve both programs and address site issues.



Efficiency + Environment

The building was to be sited in an area designated with protected status and needed to have minimal environmental impact. In addition, it needed to address noise: from car traffic, a nearby airport and railway lines. Whitley Manufacturing was selected by Innovative Modular Solutions to construct the modular portions of the structure. The junior high and high school facilities are separated, while sharing support offices. The building features noncombustible construction, an elegant masonry facade, high-efficiency HVAC systems and solid cementitious-cast floors. The offices are shared between grades and the masonry exterior effectively deadens outside noise.


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