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Wellesley Pre School

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Quality, and accessibility for all.

Wellesley Pre School


Wellesley, Massachusetts

Square Footage: 9,000 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 5

Key Achievements:

- 60 day build time.
- Ceramic tile used throughout the building
- Special needs accessible features within the building.



Design + Purpose

Wellesley is an affluent community near Boston that is very concerned about aesthetics, urban planning, and quality of life issues. Their school system has a reputation throughout the state for fostering academic excellence and creativity.



Details + Expertise

The Wellesley public school corporation decided that they needed to establish a separate building for the community pre-school. The site available, however, presented a number of challenges, including traffic, drainage concerns, and neighbors who were skeptical of the project. Whitley combined with Williams- Scotsman and HMFH Architects to design and build a structure that solved all of these problems. The facility would need to be ready for spring classes and would have to be permanent and unique. Whitley and Williams-Scotsman worked closely with the school board to design a building that dampened noise, resolved area drainage problems, and fit architecturally into the surrounding community. They turned to Whitley to construct the 9,000 square foot building which included classrooms, offices, restrooms, and open common areas. The interior was designed and decorated with young children in mind. Built with ceramic bathrooms throughout and concrete floors, the building has a substantial and permanent feel. Whitley began construction while the final planning phases occurred in early August. By late September, the construction was completed and the final finishing was done in time for children to attend fall classes.


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