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AEP Office

Bridgman, Michigan

AEP (American Electric Power) Cook Nuclear Power Plant required a rapid establishment of a class A office space for their NEST (Nuclear Engineering Services & Technology). The construction had to be expedited with minimal disruption to the site and seamlessly integrate with the surrounding structures. AEP reached out to Satellite Shelters, Inc., and a collaborative effort between Satellite Shelters and Whitley Manufacturing was initiated to address this dynamic and demanding project.

Number of Modules:


Total Square Footage:

36,480 sq. ft.

Building Features

Utilizing factory-built modular technology, simultaneous site and foundation work reduced the design-to-occupancy timeline. While Satellite Shelters readied the premises, Whitley Manufacturing constructed 2-story modules off-site for the 36,480 square foot building, featuring individual offices, wide-span offices for conference rooms, and flexible tactical workspaces. Whitley Manufacturing's expedited schedule ensured the project stayed on track. Within 16 weeks, 44 modular units arrived on site, and with pre-made site preparations, Satellite Shelters initiated the finishing process. Local construction trades handled mechanical and utility installations, along with finishing touches. AEP's NEST building was move-in-ready ahead of schedule.


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