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Modular Crisis Stabilization Unit Built for Growing Demand

Whitley Manufacturing in partnership with RAD Technology Medical Systems proudly announces the completion of a new permanent two-story crisis stabilization unit for the Palomar Health Campus located in Escondido, California.

The goal of the new crisis unit was to meet the overwhelming demand of patients with acute mental health needs and minimize patient transportation by having the new crisis unit conveniently located near the Emergency Department.

Whitley Manufacturing was tasked with manufacturing the facility from its South Whitley, Indiana facility utilizing the modular construction process. With complex technical, architectural, and unique security feature requirements, the crisis unit pushed the limits of modular construction to new heights.

Electrical, HVAC, and security features pre-built into each unit minimized on-site construction allow the building to be set up within just a few weeks. The 6,700 square foot facility is comprised of 12 pre-built modular units that include room for 16 patient treatment areas, patient shower areas, a check-in/front desk area, storage, a nurse’s station, an outdoor lounge, and medication storage.

"This project shows the innovative, and technical know-how Whitley Manufacturing has towards projects of this complexity and our drive to meet the demands of our customers", Said Simon Dragan - Founder and President of Whitley Manufacturing

About Whitley Manufacturing

Whitley Manufacturing, headquartered in South Whitley, Indiana, has been at the forefront of modern automated building systems and accelerated construction for nearly 75 years. Whitley Manufacturing operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. They build permanent, temporary and relocatable structures for a wide range of markets, including education, medical, office, support, and specialty buildings. for more information, please visit

About RAD Technology Medical Systems

RAD Technology Medical Systems is a design-build development company that provides revolutionary modular building systems for the healthcare industry. These turn-key solutions are factory fabricated eliminating the need for lengthy on-site construction and can be temporary, interim or permanent. For more information, please visit or contact RAD at


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