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Whitley and Satellite Shelters Build Modular Daycare/Preschool in Minnesota

Whitley teamed up with Satellite Shelters to create a daycare and preschool for the community of Owatonna, Minnesota. The modular built daycare and preschool is comprised of thirteen modules featuring various learning/care areas for a variety of ages of children, offices, reception area, and thirteen restrooms.


The Challenge

Creating space quickly is easy. Creating space quickly with a high degree of quality and minimal disruption? Now thats a challenge for most!

The daycare and preschool needed to have numerous utilities pre-installed and various rooms to separate the age groups of children. This posed a great challenge for the Whitley team when it came to the engineering and production of the building. On top of all of this a strict timeline for the set of this building meant creating a production process as efficient as possible for this building was a must.

The Solution

Utilizing Whitley's 75+ years of modular construction experience paired with Satellite Shelters incredible construction management abilities allowed this preschool and daycare to be built on time and meet the tough timeline.

Whitley ensured that the design and engineering of the building allowed for optimal efficiency when producing, setting, shipping, and making connections on-site tot he building. This mindset allowed for easy transportation of the modules, incredibly efficient manufacturing, and a quicker timeline for the client to be utilizing their building.



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