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Whitley and Triumph Modular Build Temporary Classroom Space to Meet Pandemic Needs

Whitley and Triumph Modular worked together to create a temporary education space utilizing Triumph's premium temporary "Silverline" building system. in a time of urgent need and uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic Whitley and Triumph worked together to create a temporary space with incredible design, and interior features that create a learning environment that feels anything but temporary.

The Challenge:

Thayer Academy is a prestigious preparatory school based south of Boston. With the COVID-19 pandemic Thayer Academy needed to rapidly expand their classroom space on campus to accommodate for social distancing without taking away from their world class in-person instruction to their students.

Function was also a critical aspect of the project to make sure the learning environment of the classroom was not negatively impacted so the interior of the temporary space needed to accommodate the features that were in place within the schools permanent facilities.

The Solution:

Utilizing Triumph Modular's "Silverline" building system Whitley was able to manufacture from their Leola, PA facility, four modules that combined to create two separate classrooms with all the amenities found in a traditional classroom on campus to ensure an optimal learning environment could be achieved for both students and faculty.

Triumph worked hand in hand with Whitley to ensure delivery and setup of the new temporary no site disruption to the rest of the campus.

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