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Chippewa County Restroom

Otter Lakes, Wisconsin

COVID-19 Response Campus

Extreme Conditions, Extreme Timeline

Project Info:


Otter Lakes, Wisconsin

Project size: 144 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 1

Wisconsin known for its brutal winters has various limiting factors when it comes to construction. With fall/winter well on it's way the government of Chippewa County needed to bring an additional restroom facility for parkgoers of Otter Lakes, Wisconsin.

Building includes:

- solar panels on roof
- battery for energy storage
- vault access
- SMS based vault alert system
- mens and womens dedicated bathroom units

The Challenge

Whitley was tasked by Green Flush Technologies and the government of Chippewa County, Wisconsin to create a sustainable and off-grid restroom facility for a park located in Otter Lakes, Wisconsin. The setting of the building needed to be quick, and production time was on a strict timeline to beat the impending winter frost and cooler temperatures in the fall/winter.

The Solution

Utilizing Whitley’s 75+ years in modular construction, Whitley was able to manufacture a block structure to withstand the harsh climates of Wisconsin, utilize solar panels on the roof of the structure, and install a remote alarm system for notifying park staff of when the vault needs to be emptied. All of this was achieved on top of making sure everything such as plumbing, electrical, and ADA applicable measures were met to ensure the set and install time of the building could be as efficient as possible.


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