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County of Amherst

Amherst County, Virginia

COVID-19 Response Campus

Amherst County Off-Grid Modular Restroom

Project Info:


Amherst County, Virginia

Project size: 144 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 1

Amherst County requested that a modular restroom building be constructed with rain collection, solar power capability, SMS notification vault technology, and have dedicated mens and women's restrooms for a park located in Amherst County, Virginia.

Building includes:

- solar panels on roof
- battery for energy storage
- vault access
- SMS based vault alert system
- mens and womens dedicated bathroom units

The Challenge

The heart of the project involved creating individualized restrooms catering to the needs of men, women, and individuals with disabilities. Whitley met the intricacies of this task head-on, ensuring that each restroom was equipped with a dedicated remote alarm system for swift notifications to park personnel concerning essential maintenance.

Whitley's dedication to quality extended further into the flawless integration of complex plumbing, electrical systems, and ADA-compliant features. This commitment not only upheld the company's standards but also streamlined the construction timeline and installation process, ultimately achieving a remarkable level of operational efficiency.

Significantly, the modular restroom ensemble's entirely offsite prefabrication introduced logistical and assembly challenges that Whitley adeptly navigated. Furthermore, the incorporation of a rain collection system into the design showcased the company's holistic approach to functional design, contributing to the facility's utility and environmental mindfulness.

The Solution

Drawing on Whitley's extensive 75+ years of expertise in modular construction, the company has crafted a sturdy facility designed to withstand the diverse climates of Amherst County, Virginia. The exterior of the facility features a wooden finish, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. The project involves the creation of individual restrooms to cater to men, women, and individuals with disabilities. Each of these facilities is outfitted with its own remote alarm system, ensuring prompt notifications to park personnel regarding necessary maintenance. Whitley's unwavering commitment to quality extends to the flawless integration of plumbing, electrical systems, and ADA-compliant features, streamlining both the construction timeline and installation process for optimal efficiency. It's worth noting that this modular restroom ensemble was entirely prefabricated offsite. Moreover, the design includes a considerate rain collection system, adding to the facility's functionality and environmental consciousness.


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