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Ramsey Golf & Country Club

Silverton, New Jersey

COVID-19 Response Campus

Ramsey Golf & Country Club Off-Grid Modular Restroom

Project Info:


Silverton, New Jersey

Project size: 305 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 1

Ramsey Golf & Country Club needed a restroom building for their guests on the grounds of their prestigious golf course. Utilizing Whitley's modular manufacturing processes in line with the design work of Green Flush Technologies a restroom unit was delivered 100% completed off-site.

Building includes:

- solar panels on roof
- battery for energy storage
- vault access
- SMS based vault alert system
- mens and womens dedicated bathroom units

The Challenge

The aim was to develop a facility with the resilience to withstand the demanding climates of New Jersey. One of the central challenges was to incorporate a remote alarm system within the structure, ensuring timely alerts for park personnel regarding vital vault maintenance tasks.

In addition to this, Whitley navigated the intricate task of seamlessly integrating plumbing, electrical systems, and ADA-compliant features into the design. This comprehensive approach not only upheld Whitley's reputation for excellence but also optimized the construction timeline and installation process, resulting in exceptional efficiency.

A standout feature of this endeavor was the complete offsite construction of the modular restroom. While presenting logistical hurdles, this approach showcased Whitley's ability to overcome challenges associated with remote fabrication.

In summation, this project underscored Whitley's prowess in tackling project-specific complexities while adhering to their commitment to innovation and quality.

The Solution

Drawing on Whitley's extensive 75+ years of experience in modular construction, the company created a resilient facility designed to endure the challenging climates of New Jersey. The structure boasts a remote alarm system that promptly notifies park personnel about necessary vault maintenance. Alongside these advancements, Whitley ensured the seamless integration of plumbing, electrical systems, and ADA-compliant features, optimizing both the construction timeline and installation process for maximum efficiency. This modular restroom was built 100% offsite.


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