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U of Texas - Off-Grid Restroom

Odessa, Texas

COVID-19 Response Campus

Remote use, environmental purpose.

Project Info:


Odessa, Texas

Project size: 144 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 1

The University of Texas - Odessa, Texas

Building includes:

- separate men and women's restrooms
- mechanical room for easy access to utilities
- exterior lighting
- ADA compliance
- solar panels on roof for off-grid energy
- waste vault with cellular alerts for maintenance

The Challenge

The University of Texas wanted to have a restroom facility on a more remote part of its campus with limited access to utilities.

The University of Texas reached out to Whitley and Green Flush Technologies for a solution to design and build a restroom facility capable of being off grid, supply their faculty and students with adequate restroom facilities, and design it in an ascetically pleasing way to add to the beauty of the Odessa campus.

The Solution

Using off-site modular construction, Whitley was able to build the restroom facility in their South Whitley, Indiana facility in 30 days complete with all electrical, plumbing, solar panels, and venting. Solar panels provide the building with power while batteries in the mechanical room store leftover energy for use on cloudy days or at night.

The waste vault notifies maintenance staff at the university when the building needs to be pumped via cellular data through text based alerts taking the guess work out of the equation.

An easy to access mechanical room on the rear of the building allows for staff to check water tank and grey water tank levels and assess if any regular maintenance is needed without having to close the restroom facilities down.


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