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Rolls Royce 

Office Building

Mount Vernon, Ohio


Building Specs

Location: Mount Vernon, Ohio
Project Type: Permanent Office Building\

Project Size: 36,000 SQ. FT.

Key Achievements

- Open space design accommodates flexible work


- Architectural materials give an attractive and permanent appearance.

- Designed to match surrounding  office buildings

- 45 mil EPDM roofing membrane

The Need

Rolls-Royce needed additional office space in a semi-permanent structure that would be match the design aesthetic of the existing site office buildings. The building needed to be secure while providing an attractive aesthetic, durable + sustainable construction, and specialized systems, all to be built off-site.

The Solution

Whitley Manufacturing partnered with Satellite to provide a two-story office building composed of private offices, conference rooms, and an abundance of open, barrier free space to provide employees with multiple alternatives for workspace. The exterior will be finished with horizontal steel siding, and a series of horizontal ribbon windows that are an aesthetic match to what is found on the adjacent, existing office building. Large, aluminum trimmed windows are locate throughout the interior spaces, allowing an abundance of natural daylight to penetrate all corners of the offices.

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