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Communications Enclosure



Building Specs

Location: relocatable
Project Type: Military Communications Shelter

Project Size: 300 SQ. FT Per Unit.

Number of Units: 4

Key Facts

- Ballistic proof

- Full steel construction

- security and clean agent systems installed

The Need

American Manufactured Structures and Services (AMSS) was selected to provide global communication systems for the military. Their task on the Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) contract was to provide design, manufacturing, and installation of modular and containerized communication shelters in support of an overall team effort.

The Solution

AMSS looked to Whitley Manufacturing, a long term partner in the manufacturing of mission critical shelters. Whitley has a history in equipment enclosures with proven leadership in the communications industry sector. Of the multiple systems to be produced throughout a 5 year contract period, this particular project (set of four units) was to serve as a satellite communication forward outpost. If required, the structure could be outfitted with ballistic proof materials to survive even more hostile environments. Fully welded steel construction throughout provides the rugged build needed to withstand the punishment seen in most field operations. For security, 8 shielded cameras are mounted around the perimeter for 24 hour remote surveillance, and the interior assets are protected with a clean agent fire suppression system.

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