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Amazon Temporary Offices

Boston, Massachusetts

Whitley Manufacturing showcased its expertise in modular construction by successfully delivering a temporary two-story construction office for Amazon during the development of their latest high-rise office in downtown Boston, MA. Recognizing the need for a versatile and efficient workspace on-site, Whitley's modular construction approach allowed for rapid assembly and customization. The two-story structure provided Amazon with a functional and comfortable environment for project management and coordination, enhancing the overall efficiency of the construction process.

Number of Modules:


Total Square Footage:

9600 sq. ft.

Building Features

This innovative construction office, crafted with precision using modular techniques, featured a well-thought-out layout that catered to Amazon's diverse needs. The two-story structure comprised a cafeteria space, open office areas, multiple meeting rooms, and private offices. This strategic arrangement not only provided a comfortable and functional workspace but also ensured a dynamic environment conducive to effective collaboration and project management. Whitley's commitment to delivering modular solutions that seamlessly integrate essential elements of a professional office setting underscored its ability to meet the specific requirements of Amazon's construction project in the heart of Boston.


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