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Rolls Royce offices

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Whitley Manufacturing demonstrated its ingenuity by spearheading the construction of a cutting-edge office building for Rolls-Royce in Mount Vernon, Ohio, utilizing the efficiency and precision of modular construction. The three-story office structure exemplified Whitley's commitment to innovation and sustainable building practices. By employing modular techniques, Whitley streamlined the construction process, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective solution while maintaining the high standards expected by Rolls-Royce. The resulting office building featured a sophisticated design, seamlessly incorporating various functional spaces to accommodate Rolls-Royce's specific operational needs. Whitley's modular approach not only showcased its dedication to delivering quality structures but also highlighted its ability to create bespoke solutions for discerning clients in the corporate sector, solidifying the company's reputation as a leader in modular construction.

Number of Modules:


Total Square Footage:

36,000 sq. ft.

Building Features

Whitley Manufacturing achieved an impressive feat in Mount Vernon, Ohio, by constructing a modern and efficient two-story office building spanning 36,000 square feet for Rolls-Royce, utilizing a modular construction approach. This innovative structure seamlessly blended enclosed and open office spaces, strategically designed meeting rooms, and various functional areas across 53 individual modules. The use of modular construction not only expedited the building process but also underscored Whitley's commitment to delivering a customized and flexible workspace that met Rolls-Royce's specific requirements. The result was a harmonious integration of design and functionality, showcasing how modular construction can efficiently create a sophisticated office environment tailored to the needs of a distinguished client like Rolls-Royce.


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