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Presidential Lakes 

Fire House & Community Center

Building Specs:

Building Use: Fire House & Community Center

Project Size: 7,374 sq. ft.

Days to Complete: 95 Days

Location: Browns Hills, New Jersey


Awarded First Place

Permanent Modular Assembly Under 10,000 sq. ft.


 Apparatus Bay 


 Community Center 

Industrial Purpose 

with design in mind.

Presidential Lakes Fire House and Community Center

Utilizing Whitley's patented UpGrade Clear Span System for the apparatus bay and traditional modules for the community center, Whitley was able to build an aesthetically pleasing fire house and community center that blends beautifully with its surrounding environment without sacrificing function.

Building floor plan includes

- shower facilities for fire crew

- kitchen

- open floor plan community center 

- ADA compliant bathrooms

- apparatus bay with 18 ft clearance 



Function + Design

First Responders are a crucial resource to any community to ensure safety and peace of mind. 

Presidential Lakes located in Browns Hills, New Jersey reached out to Whitley, and Modular Genius to create a fire house and community center that would blend well architecturally with its wooded surroundings, and provide fire fighting crews an efficient and effective work place to ensure safety within the community.



 UpGrade Clear Span System 



Reduced Timelines + Innovative Engineering

 Located in a remote area, onsite construction would have taken a longer period of  time  to complete the building, and would have resulted in a higher cost to the township. 

Using off-site modular construction, the township was able to achieve the desired layout and look of the exterior in roughly half the time it would have taken onsite construction. Additional monetary and time savings were provided by utilizing Whitley's UpGrade Clear Span building system Modular enabling reduced foundation costs for the apparatus bay ; while also producing two and a half times less waste in the overall construction labor and materials.




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