The Upgrade 

Clear Span Building

How it works.

Using a patented proprietary hinged wall system, the outer walls of each Upgrade unit when raised from its folding position move outwards allowing for the roof, and walls to be placed at the same time. 



to any project.

Whether it's electrical, fire suppression, specific HVAC needs, even specific entry doors, the UpGrade system can be tailored to fit your building needs. 


- electrical systems 

- fire prevention


- plumbing 




The UpGrade System has been trusted across the USA in many different capacities, from fire halls, water treatment plants, and logistic/distribution centers. The UpGrade Building System can serve many applications. 

A proven and trusted system.

(Projects completed using the UpGrade Building System)

The UpGrade building system meets all seismic, high wind, snow-load, and hurricane requirements!

A logical choice for logistics.

- 20,000 expansion completed in just 4 days
- Preinstalled electrics, plumbing, and HVAC
- Easy to add/remove the building as needed
-Adheres to standard building code
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Save costs on shipping.

UpGrade units ship two to three units stacked per each truck depending on final destination, making on-site deployment even easier and shipping costs cheaper.

Custom dimensions specific to your project.

The standard dimensions of an UpGrade unit are "24" by "60" but dimensions can be completely customizable depending on job type. 

Steel Siding
Insulated Panels
ACM Panel
Hardie Panel

Cladding pre-installed on units. 

*other exterior finishes can be installed on-site*

Take a look at some case studies.


Fire House 

Browns Hills, New Jersey

Using Whitley's patented UpGrade Clear Span System for the engine bay and traditional modules for the

community center...

Shipping Hub

Orlando, FL

A major shipping company is rapidly  expanding in its southern markets. It's capacity must keep...

Temporary Fire House

Washington, DC

An existing, busy firehouse in the heart of the nation's capital was in much need of a face-lift and equipment...

Shipping Hub

Harrisburg, PA

A major shipping company was projecting significant growth in their services due to the massive...

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