Match Charter School

 Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

To develop the classroom buildings needed, modular construction was the obvious choice. Through a collaborative effort, Commodore Builders...

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Cesar Chavez School

 Detroit, Michigan 

Read more about this unique school being built entirely modular. The timelines for this specific project would have normally been impossible...

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Evans-Kimmel Hall

 Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Indiana Institute of Technology serves over 4,000 students from around the world. The school, located in downtown Fort Wayne, IN, is known for...

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Rogers-Yergens Hall

 Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Whitley, in cooperation with Grinsfelder Architects, took on the project with the guarantee that the students would have spacious and comfortable....

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Old Redford Academy

 Detroit, Michigan 

A repeat customer of Whitley Manufacturing, Old Redford Academy (ORA) chose to partner again with Innovative Modular Solutions...

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Shoreline Music Classrooms

 Shoreline, Washington 

The Shoreline School District of Washington State was expanding their music education program offerings and was in need of...

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Marysville High School

 Marysville, Washington 

Whitley-Evergreen completed this innovative project along with Williams- Scotsman. The building was produced in sections at Whitley-Evergreen...

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Thea Bowman Academy

 Gary, Indiana 

The Thea Bowman Leadership Academy was founded on the belief that “educated citizens emerge as the true leaders of a community...

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Dennis Haley

 Roslindale, Massachusetts 

The City of Boston Public Schools requested a proposal from Triumph Modular for a complete turn-key construction and...

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Wellesley Pre School

 Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Wellesley is an affluent community near Boston that is very concerned about aesthetics, urban planning, and quality of life issues...

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Frank & Anne Oropeza Hall

 Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Continued, rapid growth in enrollment created a need for additional housing at the school.  Frank & Anne Oropeza Hall was designed as...

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French American School

Mercer Island, Washington 

Located on an island in Puget Sound, the French-American School educates children of the affluent community in both French and English...

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Bremerton Center

 Ballard, Washington 

Whitley Evergreen (Marysville, Washington) partnered with Advanced Technology Construction (ATC) to complete the CDC...

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Ross School of Business

 Ann Arbor, Michigan 

McDonald Modular Solutions partnered with Whitley Manufacturing to provide additional space as part of the University of Michigan’s building...

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Top School

 Kent, Washington 

The Kent School District approved $4.8 million to build a new facility for The Outreach Program (TOP). The program prepares special needs...

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